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This is my fitness journey

I was born in a small town in Sabah, moved to KL at 7 years old with my family. I always look taller, broader, and huge compared to those people who are the same age as me, so I hate taking pictures of myself, especially in group pictures.

When I started high school, I decided to lose weight... but without proper guidance, I did many things wrong. I didn't grow to be a sport enthuses, so exercising or physical training wasn't the first thing that came to mind for weight loss. I've tried many other things first like weight loss supplements, organic drinks, waist trainers, and many more. It helped in the beginning but after a while, it just didn't work anymore. Frustrated with how I looked, things got crazier - I cut my food intake. Food portions got smaller, from "no food after 8 pm" to "don't eat at all".  These decisions eventually made me looked paled and unhealthy.

P/S : I wish I could post a picture of my teenager here but I couldn't find any.

The obsession with "weight loss" didn't go away, I was still flabby at the tummy area so I hit the gym a few years back to lose these love handles. Still, without any guidance, things didn't work as planned. So I gave up and continue my unrealistic diet of "don't eat anything"
One day out of sere coincidence, I saw someone posted a picture of a female fitness model with round glutes "BUM BUM" and a tiny waist. I was so impressed but in disbelieve at the same time - How is that possible?? 


That's how my life started to change.

"Everybody starts from ZERO“

I returned to the gym again, started my booty-building with tiny waist project - the endless squat and hours of the treadmill, 3 to 4 times per week. I was thinking: hmm pretty good job huh? 

Guess what, I failed again. 

Nothing happened - neither smaller waist nor gain a tiny bit of glutes.
Realizing how little knowledge I know about fitness. "Okay, let's try this again," I told myself. I started to pay attention on learning and doing endless research about fitness. Unfortunately, not all the research online was accurate, so it took years from studying and practicing. Slowly, through many trials and error I finally saw the result I wanted. 

"You'll never know how GREAT you can become unless you try“

Fitness is not just 70% of diet and 30% of workout, but 100% of DEDICATION & CONSISTENCY.
Health is not just about physical endurance, but also mental strength

After years of training, I changed my perspective about fitness. Instead of focusing on building an unrealistic body shape, I looked for a positive body image - Everybody has different body type, different body shape, different genetics - You Don't Have To Be Like Someone Else, Just Be YourselfI learned to focus on creating a healthy relationship with quality foods, instead of restricting too many calories and avoid placing my body into starvation mode. There's no shortcut, there's no cheating, it takes time but trust me - your hard work will pay off. My passion for fitness gave me more than just a healthier body but also helped me develop a strong positive mindset.
In the following years to come, I decided to become a fitness coach - to share my experience and help more women to know about fitness! 

Somewhere along my fitness journey, I met the love of my life and husband today - Jason. And very soon after, the next stage of life hit me- pregnancy.

"Back to Square One"

After having my gorgeous son Nathaniel, my tummy was soft and flabby, with a lot of stretch marks. But I wasn't upset or afraid of how I look. In fact, I am proud of it. this is part of journey of my life.


Let's start from here.

To start off things, I didn't force myself back into fitness in a rush until my doctor clearance on my 6th week of postpartum. If I can't workout to gym, I did light workout from home. 


To be honest, pregnancy has completely changed my body, I couldn't perform like how I used to be, not even close. I lost almost a lot my strength - although I've been actively exercising until the 39th week of pregnancy. My core was wrecked, I lost my balance, push-up? Not a chance. Any exercises that involve the abdominals area and certain jumping movements, I will be K.O. Everything back to square one. I was no different from a beginner. 

But I want to tell you that THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL.

All I need to do is keep going forward

I re-study and applied everything that I've learned previously, taking it step by step. Understanding that my body was still in the recovery stage, I focus more on foundation work, pelvic floor exercises, core strengthening exercises. It took me a total of 7 months to get back into the routine. A year later, although my physic didn't looking the same as before pregnancy but I FEEL BETTER, STRONGER, HAPPIER THAN EVER.

“Making fitness part of your life doesn't mean you have no life"

I had numerous reasons to give up on fitness, "why waste my time on exercising, gyms??", "I'm so tired already!!!". But I believe in what fitness can bring me, 


I was a girl who had no confidence at all, not satisfied with my look and my body, 

Now I learned to love myself more and understand that ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL

IN HER OWN WAY, regardless of what age, body shape, or how she looks.

I was a beginner who started from zero, failed many times along the way,

Now I learned from my mistakes, and keep learning for the best.

Like many I'm a full-time working mom who struggles with limited personal time: having 

an energetic son, having to work from 9 am to 6 pm, and having to do the housework. It's exhausting. 

Now I have better time management! My family always be my first PRIORITY, but I will

allow myself to have my "me" time too. Either workout in the early morning or late evening - whenever I'm available!

Doesn't matter where you are, you can always choose to start right now.

Because you determine your path.

You decide whom you want to be.

I'm not telling you it's easy, I'm telling you that IT'S POSSIBLE.

Those past years I've been trying to impress others with how I look, but this is so wrong. You just need to trust yourself, be disciplined & committed.

Making fitness part of your life doesn't mean you have no life. In fact, you will learn to focus on yourself,  learn to face challenges & your limit, and you will have a better lifestyle!!

One day or Day one?

You decide.

I'm so grateful that I've experienced all of these in my fitness journey, it really fulfilled my whole story of life. But I believe my journey doesn't stop there, I still have a long way to go. 

Join me and let's begin our new journey TOGETHER.

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